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WUSH™ By BlackWolf Cleans Ears & Removes Wax Buildup

  • 2024 Award Winner
  • Safe and effective powered ear cleaner  
  • Gentle massaging spray – cleans and removes wax buildup with a stream of water 
  • Triple spray design – water is directed towards walls of ear canal to loosen and clear ear wax 
  • Easy to use – just fill the WUSH™ tank with warm water, flip the nozzle up and press to spray the wax away 
  • 3 water pressure settings* – choose from gentle clean to wax removal  
  • Soft silicone anti-microbial irrigation tips – comfortable and resistant to bacteria 
  • Foldable nozzle – flexible and compact  
  • Splashproof – for shower use 
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery  
  • Don't push the wax in with a cotton bud, WUSH™ it out safely!


  • 1 x WUSH™ 
  • 6 x Reusable Irrigation Tips – enough for the whole family** 
  • 1 x Ear Basin – for use at sink or outside the shower 
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable 

*Always read and follow instruction manual before use. ** Do not use on children under the age of 15. 

Q: What does WUSH™ include?

WUSH™ includes 1 x WUSH™ powered ear cleaner unit, 6 x Reusable Irrigation Tips, 1 x Ear Basin and 1 x USB Charging Cable.

Q: Is WUSH™ easy to use?

Yes WUSH™ is easy to use. Simply fill the WUSH™ tank with warm water, choose desired water pressure setting, gently insert irrigation tip into your ear canal and spray.  

Always read and follow the instruction manual before use.  

Q: Who is WUSH™ suitable for use by?

WUSH™ is the safe and effective way to gently clean your ears and helps prevent wax buildup. WUSH™ is not suitable for use by children under the age of 15. You should also consult your physician before use if you have a pre-existing ear condition. 

Always read and follow the instruction manual before use. 

Q: Does WUSH™ require batteries to operate?

No. WUSH™ is rechargeable and can be charged with the included charging cable.  

Q: Is WUSH™ waterproof?

WUSH™ has an IPX-5 rating and is splashproof so can be used in the shower. 

Q: How do I get 6 more Reusable Irrigation Tips?

Packs of 6 Reusable Irrigation Tips are available as an add-on at an additional cost with any WUSH™ purchase. Simply click SHOP NOW and select ‘ADD’ to add them to your order. 

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