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Wonder Sonic is the new facial cleanser instantly atomizes water by using ultrasonic sound waves to deeply clean your pores by removing dirt, debris, and bacteria, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It's a 100% chemical and ingredient-free deep cleanse.  

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Wonder Sonic

Why Wonder Sonic?

Wonder Sonic has been proven to achieve a clearer, brighter and more even skin tone with regular use. To achieve this, it acts in two ways; the cleansing setting instantly atomizes the water removing cellular debris on the skin surface and within the follicles without the use f chemicals or scrubbing. 

The toning fuction uses ultrasonic pulses at an incredible 30,000 rpm to penetrate deep down in the skin further expelling pollutants, dirt and grime otherwise trapped in the epidermis. This increases the permeability of your skin, helping the effective absorption of serums.

The combination of both these along with increased circulation helps plump the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


  • Pulses 30,000 times per minute to penetrate deep
  • Gently pulls debris out of your pores
  • Built-in toning feature 
  • 100% Chemical and Ingrident Free
  • Compact and powerful
  • Perfect for men and women
  • Clearer, brighter, more even complexion
Wonder Sonic

How Gentle is Wonder Sonic?


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  • Wonder Sonic #1
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  • Wonder Sonic #3


How do I know a Wonder Sonic is right for me?

Wonder Sonic is suitable for most skin types, however do not use on scars, broken skin, rosacea, pustular or inflamedacne, abraded skin eczema, damaged, inflamed or diseased skin, or any other skin ailment. It is recommended that you consult a doctor if you are unsure.

How do I use Wonder Sonic?

Simply spray a light mist of water on your face using the spray bottle supplied. For a deep clean press the power button and glide the paddle (with the power button facing outwards) over the skin in a downward direction than back up. Flip the unit and glide over skin in a downward motion for toning.

Does using Wonder Sonic hurt?

Using Wonder Sonic is pain free and the tip remains cool.

Can I use Wonder Sonic in the bath or shower?

Wonder Sonic is not water resistant, do not place where it can fall or be pulled into water.

How do I clean Wonder Sonic?

The unit may be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. The blade may be cleaned by wiping with warm water. Dry thoroughly before using. Do not use solvents or detergents

How many batteries does Wonder Sonic use?

None! Wonder Sonic is rechargeable via USB (included)

What is weight and height of Wonder Sonic?

Wonder Sonic weighs a mere 7.5g and is only 160mm.

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