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UltraPro Range by Tupperware Genuine Tupperware Cookware with Lifetime Warranty


SAVE UP TO $150* - NOW FROM ONLY $47.95 + $9.95 (Original Price From $119.95 + $9.95 P&H

  • Genuine Tupperware cookware with a Lifetime Warranty**
  • Sold EXCLUSIVELY by Global Shop Direct (authorised Tupperware seller)
  • Ultra-versatile, ultra-light, ultra-stylish and ultra-easy cookware 
  • Withstand temperatures from -25°C to 230°C 
  • Oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe 
  • Multiple configurations for unlimited cooking possibilities (see WAYS TO USE Tab for details)
  • Halve cooking time with Tandem cooking in the UltraPro Casserole Pan
  • Non-stick qualities - allows for easy clean up 
  • Stylish colour and design
  • Casserole Pan bases and the domed cover design optimise cooking for even heat distribution  
  • Steam release vents on the sides helps prevent steam build-up (excludes Loaf Pan)
  • Ergonomic handles ensure a solid grip 
  • Select bases and covers stack into each other for convenient storage (see base dimensions for compatible sizes)
  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Upgrade your order and add^ the Insulated Universial Carrier - carries all sizes in the UltraPro Range
  • BONUS: Digital Cookbook with Every UltraPro Purchase - for a preview CLICK HERE!

*Advertised discounts & savings compared to the original price, inclusive of any savings on postage and handling fees. **See FAQs TAB for Lifetime Warranty details. ^Available at an additional cost.

Multiple configurations for unlimited cooking possibilities*: 

  • Classic - cook food in the base and put the cover on top 
  • Tandem - halve your cooking time by starting a dish in the microwave and finishing in the oven – all in the same pan 
  • Reverse – use the cover as the base to cook nachos or larger foods like poultry and meats 
  • Bain-Marie – invert the cover and fill the base with water to prepare foods that require gentle cooking like delicate desserts and puddings 
  • Stack cooking – saves time and energy allowing you to cook two dishes at once. Just place a cover and base of a pan upside down on top of another compatible sized base. Perfect for cooking vegetables and meat at the same time 
  • Bulky Cooking - 2 bases combined creates 1 high, covered pan. Perfect for cooking larger proteins

For more on Ways to Cook with your UltraPro CLICK HERE!

*Loaf Pan excluded. The Loaf Pan can only be used for Classic Cooking. 

Q: What is the Tupperware Ultra Pro made from?

The UltraPro Range by Tupperware is made from an exclusive lightweight material made to withstand temperatures from -25°C to 230°C. So, they are freezer, fridge, dishwasher, microwave* and oven safe.   

*The Ultra Pro 5.7L Casserole Pan with Cover are not suitable for most microwaves due to their size.   

Q: What sizes are the UltraPro Range available in? 

The UltraPro Range by Tupperware is available in 4 sizes and styles:  

  • 2L Casserole Pan - 30cm L x 22.6cm W x 10.5cm H - 620g 
  • 3.5L Casserole Pan - 30cm L x 22.6cm W x 14.7cm H – 700g 
  • 5.7L Casserole Pan - 36.5cm L x 27cm W x 14.7cm H – 1.07kg 
  • 1.8L Loaf Pan – 28.3cm L x 15.4cm W x 11.7cm H - 435g

Q: What can I use UltraPro Range for?

The UltraPro Range by Tupperware is the all-in-one cooking, serving and storing solution. Each UltraPro Pan is ultra-versatile too. Discover the range and what each pan is perfect for: 

  • 2L Casserole Pan - roast vegetables, bake desserts, fish and more 
  • 3.5L Casserole Pan – the perfect size and shape for cooking bread or whole chickens up to 1.5kg 
  • 5.7L Casserole Pan - larger capacity is ideal for cooking family sized meals 
  • 1.8L Loaf Pan - bake cakes, breads and terrines 

Q: Can I mix and match the UltraPro Pan bases and covers?

Yes! You can mix and match certain pans sizes and their covers for stack cooking, bulky cooking and more. For more details on ways to cook with the UltraPro Range by Tupperware, see the WAYS TO USE TAB.  

Mix and match size guide:  

  • 2L and 3.5L Pan bases and covers can be mixed and matched together  

Loaf Pan cannot be mixed and matched with other sized UltraPro products. The Loaf Pan can only be used for Classic Cooking.

Q: Is the UltraPro Range suitable for use on the stove?

The UltraPro Range by Tupperware is not suitable for use on stovetops, under grills, BBQ's, campfires or mini ovens. 

Q: Is the UltraPro Range scratch resistant?

To keep your UltraPro looking like new, sharp or abrasive objects should not be used on the inside or outside of pan. For best use, it is recommended to use plastic serveware with your UltraPro Pan. 

Q: Is the UltraPro Range BPA free?

Yes, the UltraPro Range by Tupperware is BPA free. 

Q: Is the UltraPro Range easy to clean?

Yes, the UltraPro Range by Tupperware has non-stick qualities that allow for easy clean up. Plus, they are dishwasher safe. 

Q: How will I receive my digital cookbook?

With every UltraPro purchase you will receive a bonus digital cookbook, filled with over 35 amazing recipes. Once ordered you will receive an email with a link to download the cookbook. For a preview CLICK HERE!

Note: Please allow 2-3 business days. If not in inbox please check junk or spam folders. 

Q: UltraPro is covered by Tupperware’s Lifetime Warranty. What does that mean?

The UltraPro cookware range (Pans only) are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and to perform under normal domestic conditions for the lifetime of the product. This means that, if your product fails as a result of manufacturing defects under normal use while you remain the product’s original owner, Tupperware will at their discretion:

1. Replace your product or any part of the product needing replacement; or
2. Where a replacement is not available, provide an equivalent Tupperware product or part of the Tupperware product of comparable function; or
3. Where an equivalent is not available, Tupperware will provide an e-voucher for to the relevant value.

Simply keep your proof of purchase to submit to Tupperware should you require assistance in the future.

To start your warranty claim, click HERE and follow the steps via to lodge your claim. Tupperware will then assess your claim at their discretion. 

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