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Swivel Sweeper® G2 Cordless, Motorised Sweeper That Swivels And Cleans In Any Direction


  • Cordless sweeper with a swivelling head that rotates 360° to the left and right
  • Quad-brush technology – motorised brushes on all 4 sides for multi-direction cleaning
  • Brushes spin at 4,000 RPM creating a powerful vacuum action that picks up most dry, household messes
  • Edge-to-edge cleaning – corner brushes get to mess along walls and in corners
  • Back saving elbow joint – the handle bends 90° making it easy to get under furniture without bending
  • Super sliders – slide & glide across most surfaces without scratching or changing settings
  • Touchless dirt tray – empties with just a click, so you don’t have to touch the underside of the unit
  • Magnetic storage latch – the head folds down for easy storage
  • Non-slip rubber tip – lean the handle up against walls & it won't slip or scratch
  • Super lightweight – less than 1kg
  • Rechargeable – up to 45 minutes run time on a single charge
  • Works on most surfaces including carpet, hardwood floors and tiles and great for stairs

Q: What is included with Swivel Sweeper® G2?

Swivel Sweeper® G2 comes with a rechargeable battery and charging station. Plus, it also comes with a cleaning brush to help remove any dust, dirt or hair caught in the brushes.

Q: Is Swivel Sweeper® G2 easy to use?

Yes! Simply turn Swivel Sweeper® G2 on, run over the mess, and dispose of the unwanted material using the built-in, quick touchless release dirt tray after use.

Q: What kinds of messes and surfaces is the Swivel Sweeper® G2 suitable for?

Swivel Sweeper® G2 is perfect for cleaning up dirt, dust, pet hair and most dry, household messes from most carpets, hard floors, tiles and stairs. It is not suitable for cleaning up liquid mess. With motorised brushes on all 4 sides, you can clean in any direction and pick up messes along baseboards and into corners. Plus, the back-saver elbow joint makes it easy to clean under furniture.

Always read and follow the instruction manual for use.

Q: How big is Swivel Sweeper® G2?

Swivel Sweeper® G2’s rectangular head is 15 cm L x 29.5 cm W x 2.5 cm H and with the handle is 1.2m. And at under 1kg, the Swivel Sweeper® G2 is one of the lightest weight, cordless sweepers available. 

Q: Does Swivel Sweeper® G2 require batteries to operate?

Swivel Sweeper® G2 includes a rechargeable battery which can be charged using the included charging station.

Q: How long does the Swivel Sweeper® G2 battery last when fully charged?

When fully charged the Swivel Sweeper® G2 battery has a run time of up to 45 minutes.

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