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Do you love fluffy cheese omelets, scrumptious baked apple pie, melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Soufflé?  Make delicious gourmet food in minutes with Stone Wave.

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Stone Wave will help you prepare delicious, gourmet foods in your microwave that your whole family will love, in half the time. Now you can make everything from eggs to baked delicious treats. The secret is in the specially designed chimney that allows steam to escape, while the custom dome circulates heat evenly, infusing flavor into every bite! If you want something healthy, it's non stick surface means you don't have to add butter, fats, or oils. Hate cleaning up? Eat your cooked dish right out of Stone Wave so there's are no messy pans to clean! And since you can use multiple Stone Waves in the microwave at the same time, every member of the family can have a custom dish made to order. 

  • Handmade ceramic stoneware
  • No need for butter, oil or fats
  • Non-stick and easy to clean
  • Reduces cooking time
  • Cool to the touch, hollow handle
  • Stone Wave #1
  • Stone Wave #2
  • Stone Wave #3
  • Stone Wave #4
  • Stone Wave #5
  • Stone Wave #6
  • Stone Wave #7
  • Stone Wave #1
  • Stone Wave #2
  • Stone Wave #3
  • Stone Wave #4
  • Stone Wave #5
  • Stone Wave #6
  • Stone Wave #7

How should I clean my Stone Wave?

Stone Wave is dishwasher safe, but you can also simply clean thoroughly with warm soapy water and rinse completely.

What's the size of the Stone Wave?

Stone Wave’s inner circle measures 11.4cm in diameter, and 5.1cm high. The whole Stone wave Cooker including the lid is 16.5cm in length and 9.5cm high.

How many mls does it hold?

One Stone Wave holds approx 355mls

How do I cook with my Stone Wave?

All food cooked in the Stone Wave should be cooked in the microwave oven on high power. Do not use Stone Wave in a conventional oven or on the stove top. Stone Wave is intended for use in the microwave only.

Can I use cooking sprays in my Stone Wave?

Yes, you can use cooking sprays to coat your Stone Wave before cooking in it. The ceramic surface is non-stick, but for optimal results, cooking sprays or oil should be used to ensure that food can easily slide out of the stoneware.

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