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FITT Gym 3-in-1 Ultra-Versatile Fitness System


  • Ultra-versatile, total body, multi-gym 
  • 3-in-1 fitness system:  
    • Bodyweight Gym - great for strength training 
    • Ab Trainer - firm and tone abs, define your core and build core strength with the ab slider 
    • Pilates Reformer - perfect for controlled, low impact, stretching and strength training 
  • Provides all-round fitness and a full body workout, all in one machine 
  • Unique quad pad system - can be fixed in multiple positions and orientations, allowing you to target different muscle groups 
  • Cable pulley system gives a smooth, even, gliding motion in either flat or incline orientation 
  • 4 different adjustable levels of resistance – raise the incline to increase resistance and lower it to reduce resistance
  • Perfect for those who want to start off slowly and gradually build up strength 
  • Use in the flat setting - for dynamic Pilates moves that will help shape a long, leaner look and a flexible, balanced body 
  • Sculpt, define, strengthen, build muscle and tone, flexibility, cardio - all in the comfort and convenience of your own home 
  • Ergonomic padded bench provides maximum comfort and support - makes working out comfortable 
  • Ideal for virtually all ages and fitness levels. Always consult your health care professional before starting this or any form of exercise. 
  • No gym and no weights required 
  • Strong and durable design supports user weights up to 110kg
  • Flattens and roles away for easy storage - slide under the bed or couch, against a wall or in a cupboard 
  • Dimensions: 160cm L x 43cm W x 80cm H
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Download the New Image Fitness app to get free access to: 
    • Dan Ramsden leads you through 5 beginner workouts designed to help you get the best out of your FITT Gym experience
    • Instructional Videos - helps get you started and show you how to assemble your FITT Gym
    • Beginner friendly FITT Gym Pilates workout
    • Track all your results as you progress 
    • Search for New Image Fitness on the App Store or Google Play to install the app
  • Includes a handy exercise chart - learn how to do more than 20, body-sculpting exercises 
  • Get even more out of your workouts with the FITT Gym attachments*: 
    • Lat Bar - is ideal for stretching and strengthening your upper body 
    • Squat Platform - will help you work those glutes, firm your bottom and sculpt sleek, toned legs 

* Each sold separately at an additional cost. Add one or both attachments to your FITT Gym order as part of the In-Home Trial offer.  

Q: What is included with the FITT Gym?

FITT Gym includes 1 x FITT Gym System with 2 x pulleys, 2 x interchangeable bars, a bonus exercise chart, and access to a free comprehensive fitness app.  

Q: How big is FITT Gym?

FITT Gym is 160cm L x 43cm W x 80cm H.  

Q: How much does FITT Gym weigh?

FITT Gym weighs approximately 25kg. 

Q: Is FITT Gym suitable for any fitness level?

Anyone of any age and any fitness level – from beginner to advanced - can use FITT Gym. However, you should always consult your healthcare professional before starting any new fitness program. 

Q: What features are included in the FITT Gym New Image Fitness App?

The New Image Fitness app is FREE to download and features:

  • 5 Workout Videos with personal trainer Dan Ramsden
  • A beginner friendly FITT Gym Pilates workout from Master Pilates instructor, Tracey Mallett
  • Track all your results as you progress
  • Instructional Videos - helps get you started and show you how to assemble your FITT Gym

Q: How do I get the FITT Gym app?

Search for ‘New Image Fitness’ on the App Store or Google Play and install the free app. Then open the app and register your details. You will be able to use the app after registration. 

Q: Can I adjust the resistance bands?

Yes, you can challenge yourself and tailor your workouts to suit you. 

Q: Does FITT Gym require assembly?

Yes, FITT Gym requires assembly, however the instruction manual and the assembly video on the fitness app makes assembling your FITT Gym easy.

Q: Is FITT Gym easy to store?

Yes, FITT Gym is easy to store. The built-in wheels allow FITT Gym to be easily moved around the house. And it can fold down to just 30cm H to slide under a bed or couch, against a wall or in a cupboard 

Q: Does FITT Gym have any weight or height requirements?

FITT Gym can support any person up to 110kg and with a maximum user height of 190cm.  

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