RxGenesys Travel Kit

RxGenesys Travel Kit - $25 ONLY

Take your RxGenesys revitalising skin products everywhere with you with this travel kit! RxGenesys' exclusive revitalising skin products are a combination of several discoveries and advanced high-technology which has been able to isolate “youth messengers" derived from adult human stem cells.

RxGenesys Travel Kit


  • 15ml RxCleanser
  • 15ml RxMoisturiser
  • 15ml RxVital
  • 15ml RxIlluminator

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RxGenesys Travel Kit
RxGenesys Travel Kit
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #1
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #2
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #3
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #4
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #5
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #1
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #2
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #3
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #4
  • RxGenesys Travel Kit #5
RxGenesys Travel Kit
RxGenesys Travel Kit
RxGenesys Travel Kit


Where do Stem Cells come from?

Every company has different practices and sources of Stem Cells. RxGenesys’ adult stem cells are sourced from approved cell banks. These adult Stem cells are then processed to become Pluripotent Stem Cells to release its full potential

Why are Pluripotent Stem Cell Extracts so important?

Pluripotent Stem cell extracts have been found to help the body’s natural processes. As stem cell science continues to evolve, we are finding that stem cell-derived ingredients that will play key roles in the cosmetic solutions.

How does stem cell technology help the skin look younger?

A young looking and revitalised skin is the direct result of the healthy and natural function of its cells, specially the most common kind of cell in connective tissue called Fibroblasts which synthesise Collagen, Elastin, Fibronectin and Laminin in the skin, key components for its proper structural support; stem cells are directly responsible for the orchestration of such processes.

How can skin care formulations deliver the power of stem cells to the skin?

Since Stem cells are very delicate structures that would become inactive and denature when added to a cosmetic skin care formulation, biotechnology scientists have developed technologies capable to derive substances and extracts from stem cells that stay active in cosmetic skin care formulations and are able to penetrate the skin.

Are there stem cells in the product?

No. Adult human Fibroblast cells serve as the starting point for obtaining our key ingredient, RxGen Adult human Fibroblast cells are processed in a Southern California lab using our US patented process to harness their pluripotent capabilities. Through a special process, we take our induced pluripotent stem cells and produce our exclusive RxGen extract which is added to all our Rxgenesys formulations.

Do the products have to be refrigerated?

No. The active RxGen complex in the skin care has been stabilized to preserve its potency. Keep away from the sun or extreme temperatures

How soon can I see results if I use RxGenesys?

You will usually see results within the first 14 days of use. We always recommend our users to take a picture before starting to use the RxGenesys system to really appreciate the improvement of their skin over time.

Why it’s better to use the complete system and not only the serum?

RxGenesys products have been design as a system; all of the products complement each other to obtain maximum benefits. Additionally all RxGenesys products contain our exclusive RxGen technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Can I use other skin care products while using RxGenesys?

Yes, you can use other products while using RxGenesys. Be careful not to use other products before applying RxGenesys, for it will create a barrier (block) that would prevent the Rx molecules from entering the skin. It's best to apply other products over RxGenesys if possible. No adverse reaction was reported during our study.

I don’t have wrinkles… can I still benefit from RxGenesys?

The way skin looks in our 30s and over depends mostly of the care we give it in our teens and 20s. Having a daily beauty routine and avoiding sun exposure will tend to delay the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots in the skin.

Can I use RxGenesys if I have rosacea?

As with any other physical condition we recommend our client to check with their doctor before beginning with any new skin care regimen. We have users with rosacea, which have enjoyed the appearance of their complexion after using RxGenesys. Remember you can try RxGenesys and if you are not completely satisfied for any reason just return the product for a full refund of the product price.

Can I be exposed to sun if I use RxGenesys?

During our trials none of the subjects presented any adverse reaction to the product, but it’s always advised to wear a minimum of SPF 30 sun block when exposed to sun rays.

Does RxGenesys contain gluten / gluten related products, soy / soy related ingredients or parabens?

None of RxGenesys’ products does not contains any of these ingredients.

I have sensitive skin; will RxGenesys make my skin breakout?

During our trials none of the subjects presented any adverse reaction to the product.

Are RxGenesys’ Stem cell extract hormone-related or affect hormones in any way?

Stem Cell Extracts are not hormones, nor do they act in the body as hormones. Applied topically to the skin, the RxGen Complex penetrates the skin to provide localised improvement in the quality of skin texture and appearance. It’s also important to mention that the RxGen Complex doesn't interact with hormones in any way.

Does RxGenesys products contain sunblock?

Currently RxGenesys doesn’t include sun block in its products; we have found that some people are very particular regarding the kind of sunblock they want to use or don’t want sunblock at all in their moisturiser. Please remember to always wear a minimum of SPF 30 when exposed to sun rays.

Is animal testing performed for any RxGenesys product?

None of RxGenesys products are tested on animals.

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