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RUBY™ Horsepower Cordless & Rechargeable Waterproof Power Scrubber

  • Cordless, rechargeable waterproof scrubber that cleans faster & easier
  • Cleaning head rotates at 350RPM & its high torque helps blast through grime, grease, calcium, soap, mildew, mould & more!
  • Waterproof – IPX7 rating
  • Operational time over 60 minutes per charge
  • Compact & lightweight – weighs only 500g!
  • Perfect for tile, grout, showers, tubs, dishes, sinks, ovens, vehicles, outdoors & much more!
  • Includes 4 BONUS interchangeable heads:
    • Scouring Sponge Head – for baked on mess
    • Stainless Steel Brush Head – ideal for stovetops
    • Smart-Flex Cone Brush Head – fits into corners & crevices
    • Microfibre Polisher Head – perfect for delicate surfaces

Q: What can I use RUBY™ Horsepower for?

RUBY™ Horsepower can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Its high torque is effective against various forms of debris and buildup, including calcium, soap, mildew, mould, and caked-on crud — on tile, grout, dishes, tubs, showers, sinks, and more.

Q: Is RUBY™ Horsepower cordless?

Yes, RUBY™ Horsepower is cordless and features a powerful motor and rechargeable battery that delivers over 60 minutes of run time.

Q: Is RUBY™ Horsepower easy to use?

Yes, RUBY™ Horsepower weighs only 500g, so it is super lightweight and can be used with one hand. Once fully charged, attach the desired head, spray surface with water or cleaning solution, switch it on and move it over the surface.

Always read and follow instruction manual before use.

Q: Can I use RUBY™ Horsepower in wet areas?

Yes, RUBY™ Horsepower is waterproof, allowing safe operation in wet areas.

Q: Do I need to use cleaning chemicals with RUBY™ Horsepower?

RUBY™ Horsepower tackles stubborn dirt and grime, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. However, cleaning solutions may be used with RUBY™ Horsepower.

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