Pressure Pro Cooker

Pressure Pro Cooker

3-IN-1 Pressure, Slow & Rice Cooker

Cook juicy, finger-licking family favourites in minutes, with the touch of a button. Cook Chicken Soup in 10mins, Shredded Chicken Tacos in 20mins, fall off the bone Pork Baby Back Ribs in just 99mins! The Pressure Pro locks in the moisture, nutrients and flavour, and it also has an easy one-button steam release, so it couldn't be easier to use.


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  • Pressure Pro Cooker #1
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  • Pressure Pro Cooker #1
  • Pressure Pro Cooker #2
  • Pressure Pro Cooker #3
  • Pressure Pro Cooker #4
  • Pressure Pro Cooker #5
  • Prepare easy and delicious meals in MINUTES - NOT HOURS
  • Locks in moisture, and nutrients so every meal is tender, healthy and full of flavour
  • Easy to use. 1 button, 1 touch control
  • 10 Preset Modes
  • 3-in-1: Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker
  • Non-stick Coppertech Ceramic Coating
  • Smart Steam Technology means perfect cooking every time
  • Includes 5.7L Unit + Measuring Cup, Mixing Spoon, Recipe Book, Canning Guide
Pressure Pro Cooker

1. LOAD: Simply load your ingredients, fresh or frozen.

2. SET: Select your setting with a quick touch of the button

3. SERVE: Serve and enjoy a moist and delicious meal, packed with flavour and nutrients!

Pressure Pro Cooker

Video Recipes

Mango Salsa


Pressure Pro Cooker


How many minutes does each preset button cook for?

Rice/Risotto: 30 minutes
Canning/Preserving: 30 minutes
Soup/Stew: 25 minutes
Beans/Lentils: 30 minutes
Slow Cook: 99 minutes
Chicken/Meat: 25 minutes
Fish/Vegetables: 5 minutes

Can I brown or sauté in the Pressure Pro?

Yes. Press any preset button on the Pressure Pro to brown or sauté (without lid)

Can I adjust cooking time on the preset buttons?

Yes. By pressing the 1-min button you can add minutes to any preset timing.

Can I cook rice in the Pressure Pro?

Yes. The Pressure PRO has a Rice/Risotto feature with 3 sub settings for White Rice, Brown Rice, and Wild Rice. These individual sub settings are programmed specifically for each category of rice cooking with time and pressure. Press Rice/Risotto and then press Grain/Taste once for white, twice for brown and three times for wild rice.

Can you cook frozen foods in the Pressure Pro?

Yes. You can cook fresh or frozen foods with Pressure Pro using the same preset one touch buttons. However, frozen food might take 5-10 minutes longer.

How much liquid do I use in the Pressure Pro?

You can use liquid as required by the recipe, but keep in mind you must fill to a minimum of 1/5 liquid (water/stock/sauce) in the Pressure Pro to avoid food from sticking or burning.

Will the food remain warm after the cooking time has been completed?

Yes, the unit will automatically switch to the Keep Warm function after the cooking time has been completed.

When is it safe to remove the lid once the cooking time has been completed?

There are two options. A) You can wait for the unit to de-pressurise naturally until the safety pin is released and the lid can be turned easily to open. B) You can turn the pressure valve to the “open” position for the unit to de-pressurise faster. NOTE: CAUTION – steam pressure is extremely hot so always use something to protect your hand such as an oven mitt and always keep face and extremities away when the valve is turned

Can you do canning in the Pressure Pro?

Yes. The Pressure Pro comes with a canning/preserving feature for all your canning needs. We also include a canning recipe book with each unit.

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