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Take the pressure off meal time with Pressure King Pro. Cook nutritious, flavour-filled meals fast up to 90% faster. With just a touch of a button, you'll have delicious meals on the table in minutes, not hours.

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Pressure King Pro
Pressure King Pro
Pressure King Pro
Pressure King Pro
  • Faster than conventional cooking methods so you can prepare meals in minutes.
  • Retains food natural vitamins (C, B1, B2 and B6) by pressure cooking up to 90-95% more than boiling, steaming and micro-waving
  • 12 pre-programmed settings (Stew, Rice, Fish, Meat, Porridge, Soup, Steam, Canning, Delay Timer, Keep Warm, Slow Cook, Fast Reheat).
  • Keep Warm button is DUAL function, also acts as a slow cooker. 
  • Over 50 recipes included in recipe guide
  • 5 Litre capacity so you can feed the whole family
  • BPA Free
  • Non-stick and easy to clean
Pressure King Pro
  • Pressure King Pro #1
  • Pressure King Pro #2
  • Pressure King Pro #3
  • Pressure King Pro #4
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  • Pressure King Pro #1
  • Pressure King Pro #2
  • Pressure King Pro #3
  • Pressure King Pro #4
  • Pressure King Pro #5
  • Pressure King Pro #6
  • Pressure King Pro #7
  • Pressure King Pro #8




5 Minute Mediterranean Pasta


What are the safety features of Pressure King Pro?

If the pressure exceeds normal limits, the pressure release valve will automatically exhaust and limit the pressure.

A clog resistance feature in the lid which prevents food from blocking steam.

Temperature cut off functionality – if the temperature rises too much, it will cut off and only start heating again when the temperature has returned to normal.
All these features are designed to ensure maximum safety at all times, whether human error or mechanical malfunction.

How do I open and lock the lid?

To open the lid, turn it in a clockwise direction as far as it can and lift off. Then to replace and close, simply align the arrows upon placing the lid onto the cooker, and to close, just turn the lid in an anti-clockwise direction until both parts of the front of the panel line up.

At what point in the process can I open the lid?

When your food has cooked and the desired cooking function has ended, or if you have cancelled the cooking process, you must ensure that the pressure release valve is switched to ‘OPEN’. Internal pressure needs to be released first before you can open the lid. Using tongs or oven gloves, gently move the valve to the open position to release the internal steam. Once all the steam has been released, the lid can then be opened.

How do I ensure the pressure release value is used correctly?

When you are ready to start cooking, turn the pressure release valve into the ‘CLOSED’ position and ensure it sits down correctly to seal off the opening. The pressure release valve is designed to be loose as a safety feature.
When your food is cooked, you need to open the pressure release valve before you can take off the lid. Use tongs or wear oven gloves and carefully turn the pressure release valve to the ‘OPEN’ position. The valve will lift up slightly and steam will be released.
The lid cannot be removed until all the pressure and steam has been released.

How do I use the various functions of the Pressure King Pro?

When you first plug in your Pressure King Pro, the LED panel will display “0000”. The functions are all pre-programmed with pre-set cooking times, so you can simply select the desired cooking function and the display will show the pre-set time. For example, if you want to make a savoury fish dish, simply press the FISH function button which is pre-set to 8 minutes. You will see P8 on the control panel.
There are settings for FISH, STEW, RICE, MEAT, PORRIDGE, SOUP and STEAM and there’s even a setting for CANNING when making jams and preservatives. Refer to the manual for details of pre-set cooking times for each function.
If you would like to adjust the cooking time, simply press the ‘FUNCTION’ button and adjust to 1 minute intervals by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button.
It’s that simple! Just one touch and walk away. The Pressure King Pro will do the rest for you

How much liquid is required for cooking in the Pressure King Pro?

Never cook without water or any liquid. Liquid volume should always be at least at the 2 cup level, unless you are browning meat and not pressure cooking.

Why doesn't the timer start straight away?

Pressure needs to build up inside the unit prior to the timer beginning the cycle. When the pressure is ready, the timer will begin to count down.

Can I adapt my own recipes to use in the Pressure King Pro?

Because the Pressure King Pro cooks up to 90% faster than conventional cooking, we advise you follow the recipes in the recipe book provided until you become familiar with the cooking principles. You can then experiment with your own recipes, following the Instruction Manual provided as a guide. Always ensure you use at least 2 cups of liquid.

Can I fry/brown food in the Pressure King Pro?

Yes, some recipes in the recipe book provided require you to fry and brown off the food inside the Pressure King Pro. You can do this all in the Pressure King Pro. Simply remove the lid, and press the STEW FUNCTION. This will heat up the based of the inner pot, and allow you to fry/brown off your food first as preferred. Please refer to the recipe guide included for more details.

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