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Mobility Wall Innovative Stand Up Foam Roller & Targeted Pressure Point Relief System



SAVE $150^ on Mobility Wall Pro - NOW ONLY $49.95 + FREE DELIVERY (Original Price $199.95

SAVE $130^ on Mobility Wall - NOW ONLY $49.95 + FREE DELIVERY (Original Price $179.95)

  • Innovative, stand-up foam roller and targeted pressure point relief system 
  • Clever door mounted design allows you to stand up – no more awkward rolling on the floor 
  • Upright position puts you in control of tension release and makes it easier to access hard to reach areas, like the neck, shoulders and back
  • Split foam roller design - works with your body weight to massage, stretch and loosen muscles as you roll  
  • Quickly secures to virtually any door frame* 
  • Easily moves up and down your door frame - adjusts to suit your body and so you can target different muscles
  • Targets muscles in your neck, shoulders, back, hip flexes, inner thighs, calves and more 
  • Made from high density EVA foam 
  • Access to instructional video library – helps you get started with detailed step by step guides 
  • Mobility Wall includes: 
    • Smooth Roller 
    • Small Ball Trigger Point Attachment – for deeper relief where you need it 
  • Mobility Wall Pro Model – for even more targeted relief, which includes: 
    • Textured Roller – for deep tissue massage 
    • 4 Trigger Point Attachments – Fork, Large Ball, Small Ball, Bullet 
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee  

*Fits doorways with a 66-101cm opening.

^Advertised discounts & savings compared to the original price, inclusive of any savings on postage and handling fees.

Trial Mobility Wall for 90 days and if it isn't the best door-mounted foam roller you've ever used send it back for a full refund of the product price.  

Must be returned within 90 days for a full refund of the product price less original P&H. Return postage at customer’s expense. Statutory rights still apply. 

Q: What does Mobility Wall include?

Mobility Wall includes 1 x Smooth Foam Roller and 1 x Small Ball Trigger Point Attachment.  

Mobility Wall Pro is for even more targeted relief. Mobility Wall Pro includes 1 x Textured Foam Roller 1 x Fork Trigger Point Attachment, 1 x Large Ball Trigger Point Attachment, 1 x Small Ball Trigger Point Attachment and 1 x Bullet Trigger Point Attachment.  

Q: Does Mobility Wall fit on any door frame?

Mobility Wall is designed to be mounted to door frames with an opening measuring between 66-101cm. Mobility Wall is not recommended for pocket doors, doors over stairways, doors in stairways, and poorly supported structures.

Q: How do I mount Mobility Wall to my door frame?

Mobility Wall comes fully assembled and is ready for immediate use. All you have to do is choose the location, place Mobility Wall in the doorway and spin the handles to tighten the extension rod. Once secure it can be moved up in down in seconds to target different muscles.  

Always read and follow instruction manual before use.  

Q: Is Mobility Wall strong enough to support my bodyweight?

Mobility Wall is designed to work with your body weight to massage, stretch and loosen muscles as you roll. However, Mobility Wall is not designed to support your body weight. So, it's not meant for you to hang on, sit on, do pull-ups on or swing on.  

Note: Mobility Wall can work with any person up to 158.8kg.  

Q: Why is Mobility Wall better than rolling on the floor?

Mobility Wall’s stand-up design makes it easy to hit those muscles that can be tricky to access with standard foam rollers, such as neck, shoulders, biceps, hip flexes, inner thighs and lats. While traditional foam rollers provide some release, they are awkward to use and harder to control.  The upright position of Mobility Wall puts you in the driver's seat giving you more control and making it easier to find the most effective angles. 

Q: How can I access the instructional video library?

Mobility Wall comes with access to an amazing instructional video library that helps you get started with detailed step by step guides. To access simply click on the link below:

Mobility Wall - Instructional Video Library

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