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HydroCleaner XL Ultra-Long, Extendable Water Brush For Easy Cleaning of Home Exteriors, Windows, and Cars

  • The ultra-long telescopic water brush is a portable, handheld tool that extends, soaps, scrubs, cleans, squeegees, and rinses, all in one.
  • Clean hard to reach spaces and high places safe, fast & easy – no ladder needed!
  • Available in 2 telescopic handle lengths: 
    • HydroCleaner XL that extends to 4.6 metres to reach second storey windows
    • Or upgrade to the HydroCleaner XXL Pro* that extends to 7 metres, to reach extra high places like solar panels or the roof
  • The HydroCleaner head features:
    • A premium bristle brush with thousands of high-quality bristles
    • Two high-intensity, water jets
    • A foam scrubbing pad
    • A streak free, rubber squeegee
  • Easy to use – attach a garden hose, fill the soap dispenser^, extend the handle to the desired length & wash the dirt away!
  • Great for cleaning:
    • House exteriors
    • Outdoor surfaces
    • Delicate surfaces and glass
    • Windows normally out of reach 
    • Roof & gutters
    • Solar panels, to keep them running at maximum efficiency - solar panels can lose up to 50% efficiency when dirty!
    • Large vehicles, caravans & boats
  • If your gutters are dirty & clogged with debris, add a HydroCleaner Gutter Brush attachment to any HydroCleaner order. It reaches down deep into gutters & the built-in water jet nozzle washes the mess away. Currently Out Of Stock Due to High Demand (NEXT STOCK SHIPS MID AUG)
  • SHIPPING NOTE: Due to the size of HydroCleanerXL, it cannot be shipped to PO box mailing addresses

*Available at an additional cost. ^Cleaning detergent not included.

Out Of Stock Due to High Demand (NEXT STOCK SHIPS MID AUG)

Q: What is included with the HydroCleaner XL or XXL Pro?

HydroCleaner is available in 2 telescopic handle lengths:

  • HydroCleaner XL – extends to 4.6m 
  • HydroCleaner XXL Pro* – extends to 7m 

Both models include a cleaning head with a premium bristle brush, foam scrubbing pad, rubber squeegee and 2 water-jets built-in. You will also receive a BONUS adjustable soap dispensing bottle and BONUS Pro angle adapter.

*Available at an additional cost.

Q: Is it easy to connect my HydroCleaner XL or XXL Pro to my garden hose?

Yes! The HydroCleaner XL and XXL Pro comes with everything you need to easily connect to an standard Australian garden hose.

Q: How much does the HydroCleaner XL or XXL Pro weigh?

The HydroCleaners are lightweight. The XL weighs only 1.5kg and the XXL Pro weighs 2kg.

Q: How do I order a HydroCleaner Gutter Brush?

Out Of Stock Due to High Demand (NEXT STOCK SHIPS MID AUG)

You can purchase the HydroCleaner Gutter Brush with your HydroCleaner XL or XXL Pro order. Simply click SHOP NOW and select 'ADD' to add it to your order.

Q: Can HydroCleanerXL be shipped to a PO box mailing address?

No. Due to the size of HydroCleanerXL, it cannot be shipped to PO box mailing addresses.

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