Hurricane Spin Mop

Hurricane Spin Mop

It dries, it cleans and it polishes. Say hello to the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop. Its thousands of thirsty microfibre fingers absorb practically anything and everything leaving your floor spotless

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The Hurricane 360 Spin mop is the amazing mop that cleans floors more efficiently than traditional mops saving you both time and effort.  It’s the only mop that swivels 360 degrees while mopping, allowing you to get to those hard to reach place by pivoting under furniture. The Hurricane mop head is made up of special microfibre material that absorbs up to 10 times its own weight in liquid.

The bucket is equipped with Centrifugal Dryer Technology so when you need to dry the mop head, the wringer is activated by the foot pedal and spins at more than 1,000 RPM to spin dirt away.  The Hurricane 360 Spin mop is suitable for all hard surfaces floors.

  • 360º swivelling microfibre mop head
  • Absorbs 10x its weight in liquid
  • Lightweight alloy handle can lie flat for easy storage
  • Great for any hard floor surfaces
  • Machine washable mop head


The deluxe upgrade comes with an additional agitator in the base of the bucket to help dislodge dirt and particles from the mop head before you spin off excess water, ensuring you're not putting dirt and particles back on your clean floor!

Hurricane Spin Mop
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #1
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #2
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #3
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #4
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #5
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #6
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #1
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #2
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #3
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #4
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #5
  • Hurricane Spin Mop #6


Can I purchase replacement heads?

Yes extra mop heads are available once you add the Hurricane Spin Mop to your cart.

How do I activate the centrifugal technology?

Once the mop head is wet with liquid, place the mop head into the wringer, hold the grip handle on the mop vertically, then press the foot pedal and allow the mop to spin.

How do I clean the mop head?

The mop head can be easily cleaned by simply rinsing in clean water. (or adding detergent to the water). Wash the mop head in the bucket, then place in the wringer and spin. Occasionally you may want to clean the mop head by throwing it in the washing machine. Follow the instructions provided and to avoid damage to the mop head, do not dry in the automatic dryer.

How much water should I put in the bucket?

A maximum water level mark is indicated on the bucket to prevent overflow when wringing out the mop.

What is the mop head made of?

The mop head is made of 100% Polyester.

How do I assemble to mop?

To easily assemble your mop please watch this video.

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