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Hang Hero™ The Fast, Easy & Hassle-Free Picture Hanging Tool!



SAVE $40* - NOW ONLY $29.95 + FREE DELIVERY (Original Price $59.95 + $9.95 P&H

  • Hang pictures perfectly level in seconds – all by yourself
  • Easy to use – no tools needed
  • All-in-one solution for hanging pictures on plasterboard or dry wall
  • Nails are placed at the ideal 45° angle and depth every time
  • Magnetic cylinders securely hold nails, preventing them from falling out while you measure
  • Adjustable handle measures the hanging width of the picture
  • Built-in level ensures your picture hangs straight
  • Slide-off handle for single nail plunger function
  • Two nails can support up to 4.5kg
  • Single nail can hold up to 2.25kg
  • Compatible with pictures of various shapes, sizes, and hooks
  • Ruler measurements – millimetres, centimetres & inches
  • Lightweight – weighs less than 300g
  • Convenient hole so you can hang and store your Hang Hero
  • Buy 1 Hang Hero, Get 1 BONUS Hang Hero
  • Each Hang Hero™ includes 50 nails

*Advertised discounts & savings compared to the original price, inclusive of any savings on postage and handling fees.

Q: What is included with Hang Hero™?

Hang Hero™ includes 1 x Hang Hero and 50 x nails. Plus, as a BONUS you will receive an additional Hang Hero™ with 50 nails.

Q: What surfaces does Hang Hero™ nails work on?

Hang Hero™ can be used to insert nails into walls made of plasterboard and dry wall.

Q: Can Hang Hero™ nails be installed into studs, wood, or concrete wall?

No. Hang Hero™ nails are not suitable for installation on studs, wood, or concrete walls. However, they can be used as marking tools to ensure picture alignment.

Q: Can I use any size nail with Hang Hero™?

No. You can only use 25x1.4mm brad nails with Hang Hero™. You will get 50 nails with your order, but they are also available at your local hardware store.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum width that Hang Hero™ can measure?

Hang Hero™ has a minimum width of 10cm and a maximum width of 37cm. However, Hang Hero™ is suitable for larger items as long as you are using two nails, and the weight does not exceed 4.5kg.

Q: What if only one nail is required?

For small items requiring a single nail, use the single nail plunger function. Simply, press down on the release lever to disengage the end cap, remove the cap, and slide the nail plunger from the aluminum bracket. Use the single nail plunger to install the nail in the desired spot. A single nail can hold up to 2.25kg.

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