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FLEX SUPER GLUE™ High Performance Super Glue With A Super Strong, Fast Bond

  • High-performance super glue designed to work on all types of household repairs
  • Instant adhesive that bonds to a variety of surfaces in seconds
  • Incredibly strong - with a single drop of FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Liquid we lifted 2,789kg (see next TAB to find out how!)
  • Extreme durability
  • Dries crystal clear
  • Water resistant – once cured
  • Perfect for quick repairs of plastic, metal, ceramic, leather, and more
  • Once dry, can be painted over
  • Easy to use – even in small or hard to reach places
  • Available with a precision tip for ultimate accuracy or a brush-on tip for easy spreading
  • Available in Gel or Liquid Formulas:
    • Gel: thicker formula is great for vertical and porous surfaces
    • Liquid: flows like water and is great for horizontal and non-porous surfaces
  • Available in 4 VALUE PACK varieties:
    • 2 Pack of FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Liquid Bottle 20g
    • 2 Pack of FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Liquid Brush On 10g
    • 4 Pack of FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Liquid Tubes 3g
    • 4 Pack of FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Gel Tubes 3g

How Flex Performed a 3 US Ton Lift Using Flex Super Glue 

Watch the video and read the below to find out how.

Video: Watch How We Lifted 3 US Tons 

WARNING - this is an extremely dangerous demonstration. DO NOT ATTEMPT. May result in serious injury or death. It was performed in a controlled environment by a team of professionals and is for demonstration purposes only. Specific, detailed preparation was required using industrial-level tooling in a professional machine shop. 

We began with custom pistons made from two and a half inch solid 4140 alloy steel rod. Then, we machined the bonding surfaces perfectly flat using a metal lathe without the use of any cutting fluid. Cutting fluid could add oils or contaminants to the bonding surfaces which could negatively affect adhesion. 

After machining, we removed any residual oils and contaminants by soaking the pistons overnight in acetone. Then we wiped the pistons clean. Following that, we placed the pistons in a blasting cabinet where the bonding surfaces were media blasted with 120-grit silicon carbide abrasive blasting media that had a particle mesh size of 80-230. 

After media blasting, we thoroughly cleaned the pistons again by wiping them down with acetone. Then, we placed one of the pistons (with the bonding surface facing up) in a fixture that kept it perfectly vertical. 

We placed one single drop of Flex Super Glue Liquid, (approximately 30 milligrams), directly on the centre of the piston. Then, we immediately set the opposing piston into the fixture, keeping both pistons perfectly aligned when making contact between both bonding surfaces. 

At that point, we applied firm but steady pressure to the pistons for about 20-30 seconds, so the Flex Super Glue could set. We then let it cure for a full 24 hours. 

Finally, we used a gantry that has a 3-phase industrial motor that’s rated at 5 tons, which enabled a smooth lift. And that’s how we lifted over 3 tons with one drop of Flex Super Glue Liquid! 




These may be defective and may not perform like the genuine product, however they may be presented and advertised using images and packaging that are similar and in cases identical to genuine products.



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Q: What is the difference between FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Liquid and FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Gel?

FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Liquid flows like water and is great for horizontal and non-porous surfaces. FLEX SUPER GLUE™ Gel’s thicker formular is great for vertical and porous surfaces. Once fully cured, both formulas have the same high-performance bond.

Q: What is the difference between the bottles, tubes, and brush on FLEX SUPER GLUE™?

The FLEX SUPER GLUE™ range includes a variety of sizes in two formulas (Liquid or Gel) and two types of applicator tip. Bottles or tubes with the precision tip provide ultimate accuracy, whilst the Liquid Brush On bottle has a brush tip for easy spreading.

Q: How long does it take for FLEX SUPER GLUE™ to dry?

FLEX SUPER GLUE™ takes up to 45 seconds to set, depending on the surfaces and formula being used. Both formulas can take up to 1 hour to cure.

Q: Is FLEX SUPER GLUE™ water resistant?

Yes. Once fully cured, FLEX SUPER GLUE™ is water resistant.

Q: In what temperatures can I apply FLEX SUPER GLUE™?

FLEX SUPER GLUE™ can be applied up to 93°C.

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