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Ellipse by LegXercise Automatic Seated Exerciser With Smooth, Motorised Elliptical Motion


  • Premium quality, automatic seated exerciser 
  • Provides low impact, ultra-smooth, motorised elliptical motion 
  • Helps to strengthen and tone leg muscles, increase mobility and naturally stimulate healthy circulation
  • Easy to use and safe to use for anyone of any age - plug it in, place your feet, select your speed, and relax 
  • Large rotational diameter – allows for more movement and exercise 
  • 2 motion directions - forward and reverse to work different muscle groups 
  • Up to 165 steps per minute or 9,900 steps (7.5km) per hour 
  • 3 speed settings – low, medium and high 
  • In-built digital step counter – keep track of what you’ve accomplished 
  • Wireless comfort remote control – no bending down (requires 2 x AAA batteries to operate - not included) 
  • Super quiet operation – use it while you work 
  • Ideal for people that spend a lot of time sitting or standing 
  • Includes BONUS Non-Slip Mat 

Q: What does Ellipse by LegXercise do?

Ellipse by LegXercise is a premium quality, automatic seated exerciser that uses low impact, smooth, motorised elliptical motion to strengthen and tone leg muscles, improve mobility and help stimulate healthy circulation.

Q: What does Ellipse by LegXercise include?

Ellipse by LegXercise includes the Ellipse by LegXercise machine with inbuilt digital step counter, wireless comfort remote control, and BONUS non-slip mat.  

Q: How big is Ellipse by LegXercise?

Ellipse by LegXercise is 53cm L x 37cm W x 36cm H.

Q: How many steps does Ellipse by LegXercise output?

Ellipse by LegXercise produces up to 165 steps per minute or 9,900 steps (7.5km) per hour.

Q: How many speeds does Ellipse by LegXercise have?

Ellipse by LegXercise has 3 speed settings: low, medium and high in both forward and reverse directions.

Q: Who is Ellipse by LegXercise best for?

Ellipse by LegXercise can be used by anyone of any age. Ellipse by LegXercise is ideal for people who spend long periods of time sitting or standing with lack of movement. Ellipse by LegXercise is also great for anyone who has decreased mobility.

Q: How do I use Ellipse by LegXercise?

Ellipse by LegXercise is very easy and safe to use. Simply plug it in, sit comfortably and place your feet, use the remote control to turn it on and select your speed and then sit back and relax. 

Q: Does Ellipse by LegXercise require batteries

Ellipse by LegXercise is powered by electricity and just plugs into a power point. However, the wireless comfort remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries to operate (not included).

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