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Dream Beam The Amazing, Colourful Nightlight & Wall Projector



SAVE $30* - NOW ONLY $19.95 + FREE DELIVERY (Original Price $39.95 + $9.95 P&H

  • Amazing 2-in-1 nightlight and wall projector
  • The domed nightlight provides comfort in the dark
  • Remove the dome, and the wall projector shines glowing images around the walls and ceiling
  • Transforms kid's bedrooms into a magical wonderland 
  • Rotating mechanism - makes the imaginative themes come to life 
  • Easy to use:  
    • 1. Connect to a USB adaptor and turn on  
    • 2. Apply the theme 
    • 3. Place the dome on for a colourful nightlight or remove the dome for a magical wall projection 
  • Perfect for rest, play, sleepovers and as a fun nightlight 
  • 6 light modes to choose from - with 3 colour options including yellow, white and blue and colour combinations
  • Small and lightweight  
  • Includes:  
    • Dream Beam Nightlight 
    • 2 Themes – Outer Space and Ocean Deep 
    • USB Cable (wall plug not included)

*Advertised discounts & savings compared to the original price, inclusive of any savings on postage and handling fees.

Q: Is Dream Beam Nightlight cordless?

Dream Beam is not cordless and requires the included USB cable to operate (wall adapter not included).

Q: What can I use Dream Beam Nightlight for?

Dream Beam is a great multi-purpose light! It's great for rest, sleepovers, play or as a fun nightlight. 

Q: Are there different colour options?

Yes, Dream Beam, has 6 different light modes and 3 colour options including yellow, white and blue.  And you can choose between still or the rotating mechanism.  

Q: How many themes does Dream Beam include?

Dream Beam includes 2 themes – outer space and ocean deep. Kids will love seeing whales, turtles. planets, moons and stars dance around the walls, furniture and ceiling. 


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