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With Cynoculars, you can now simply use your smart phone to immerse yourself in limitless 3D experiences with this fully interactive virtual reality headset that is both affordable and portable! You’ll take a front seat to all of the action and feel like you’re actually there.

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Key Features

  • Fits smart phones up to 9.8cm wide x 15.2cm high
  • Delivers a 360° view
  • Magnifies screen for wide-angle cinematic view
  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • Adjustable pupil distance
  • Adjustable focal point distance
  • Adjustable head straps for a custom fit


How do I get virtual reality content for my Cynoculars?

Open the App store on your smart phone and search for Apps using the keyword “VR”. The search will show Apps that are compatible with virtual reality. Download and install the VR Apps that you would like to use on your Cynoculars.

How does the wireless remote work?

The wireless remote can be used with iOS and Android operating systems. It requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) and can last for up to 120 hours. Refer to the user manual instructions on how to pair the wireless remote with your smart phone.

Can I adjust the focus?

Yes, you will need to focus the image before you can experience VR Apps or movies. Each headset wearer may need to adjust the lens and focal point distance to accommodate their eyesight. Please refer the instructions in the user manual.

Can I use earphones?

Yes, the Cynoculars VR headset has convenient openings on both sides of the device cartridge so you can plug in earphones while the headset is in use.

What smartphones are compatible with Cynoculars?

The Cynoculars VR headset works best with smart phones sized 4.25 inches to 6 inches. If your device is smaller than the recommended size, install the enclosed foam padding onto device.

Can I view my videos and photos in 3D?

Yes! To view your personal photos and videos in 3D, you must first download a VR viewing App such as VR Viewer and then refer to the simple instructions included with your user manual.

How do I watch 3D videos?

3D videos must be in split screen format to be compatible with the Cynoculars virtual reality headset. Select and launch a VR App with split screen video compatibility.

Can I walk or drive while wearing Cynoculars?

No, this product should not be used while driving or walking. The Cynoculars virtual reality headset is designed for a seated experience. Please use a swivel chair to experience 360° virtual reality content.

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