Color Doctor

Color Doctor

Color Doctor is a portable blood pressure monitor that alerts users by colour if their blood pressure is normal, above normal or high. It displays heartbeat and will indicate if the heartbeat is normal or irregular. Plus, it stores up to 90 readings for two users.

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Color Doctor

Features & Benefits

  • Checks your blood pressure
  • Automatically starts with the press of a button
  • Results within a minute
  • Colour coded, easy to read results
  • Portable and small (fits in a handbag) 
  • Notifies you of irregular heartbeat
  • Up to 90 readings between two different users
  • Comes with 12 month replacement warranty
Color Doctor
  • Color Doctor #1
  • Color Doctor #2
  • Color Doctor #3
  • Color Doctor #1
  • Color Doctor #2
  • Color Doctor #3


What do the colours mean?

With a colour coded alert system, the Color Doctor screen will show green when it detects normal blood pressure, yellow if you are at risk of developing high blood pressure, and red for high blood pressure.

How many batteries does the unit use?

2 AAA batteries, not included

How does the unit work?

This wrist blood pressure monitor is intended to be used to measure blood pressure and pulse rate from the wrist by using the oscillometric method, at home or in medical centres. It detects the movement of blood through the brachial artery and converts the blood pressure and pulse rate into a digital reading.

Who can use Color Doctor?

This unit is intended for use on adults only and is not for use on groups such as neonatal babies, children, pregnant women, or pre-eclamptic patients.

What do systolic and diastolic mean?

Blood pressure is measured in systolic and diastolic pressure. The systolic pressure is when your heart muscle contracts, which pushes blood out of the heart. The diastolic pressure is when your heart muscle relaxes, which brings blood into the heart.

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