Clearview Cam

Clearview Cam

Ever had an issue with a car damage claim? Clearview Cam is the personal security camera for your car that can save you a lot of money. If it's not your fault, prove it!

Clearview Cam

Features & Benefits

  • Personal security cam for your car
  • Avoid dreadful arguments
  • Provide indisputable evidence
  • Protect your premium 
  • Prove you're not at fault
  • PLUS record all the amazing scenery on your next roadtrip or the kids having fun at the back!
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High End Features

  • HD 120º wide angle video
  • Cycled endless loop recording
  • Built in microphone to record audio
  • Motion detection to record when parked
  • Auto-adjust from dark to light
  • Swivel 6cm LCD screen
  • Screen flips down for use
  • 270 degree pivot suction mount
  • Supports SD cards up to 32GB (available at checkout)
Clearview Cam


How many hours can I record with my ClearView Cam?

Recording time varies based on the specific options selection such as resolution and the size of the SD card being used. As a general guide the 8GB card records up to 2.5 hours, the 16GB records up to 4 hours and the 32GB records up to 9 hours.

How do I charge the unit?

You can charge via the USB cable (supplied) or the in-car 12V/24V charger (supplied)

How do I review video?

You can playback video on the unit itself (while the car is parked), connecting via USB to a PC or inserting the SD card into a reader

What resolution options are there?

ClearView Cam offers the following resolution settings: Full HD 1920x1080, HD 720x480, VGA 640x480 pixels)

What format does ClearView cam record in?

AVI format

Can I use ClearView Cam without an SD card?

No, an SD card is required

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