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Carwash Cannon™ Wash & Rinse Your Car in Minutes

  • Foam blasting car wash system (car wash liquid not included)
  • Turns any garden hose into a foam cannon
  • Simply attach it to your hose, add car wash liquid & water to the bottle and pull the trigger to spray your car with thick, cleansing foam. Then rinse the foam away
  • Hydro-Foam technology infuses air into the car wash liquid and water to create a blanket of thick foam
  • Adjustable dial – 5 foam settings, 1 rinse setting
  • Works on any garden hose, with any car wash liquid
  • Does all the work for you - no bending, no buckets, no scrubbing required
  • The scratch-free way to clean your car
  • Great for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, outdoor furniture, house siding and more
  • Quick connect fitting
  • Comfort grip handle
  • 950ml bottle
  • Includes a wide nozzle and a precision nozzle
  • Buy 1, Get 1 More

Always refer to the instruction manual before use

Q: Does Carwash Cannon™ come with car wash liquid?

Car wash liquid is not included. You can you use it with any car wash product. For best results, use with an automotive specific, cleaning liquid.

Q: How much car wash liquid should I add to the bottle?

You should fill it to the indicator line marked on the Carwash Cannon™ bottle. Then fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. 

Q: How do I increase/decrease the amount of foam?

To increase or decrease the amount of foam spray, simply adjust the dial. Dial level 5 will provide the most foam while dial level 1 will provide the least foam. To wash the foam away just turn the dial to 0, which is the rinse setting.   

Q: Does Carwash Cannon™ work on more than just cars?

Yes, Carwash Cannon™ is also great for washing boats, trailers, outdoor furniture, siding on houses and more.

Q: Which Carwash Cannon™ nozzle should I use?

Carwash Cannon™ includes two types of nozzles. The wide nozzle can be used for large surface areas while the small precision nozzle gets into those smaller spaces like your car tyre rims.

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