Atomic Charge Wallet

Atomic Charge Wallet


If you need a charge on the go, Atomic Charge Wallet can revitalize your phone wherever you are. If you are worried about your credit card information getting in the wrong hands - have no fear - the RFID Blocking inside Atomic Wallet has got you covered, plus its slim accordion design fits everything you need.

Atomic Charge Wallet
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  • RFID Blocking Technology 
  • Accordion design allows storage for all your cards and cash
  • Water, crush and shock resistant
  •  Slim and sleek aluminum design
  •  Built-in 2500mAh battery to instantly charge your phone
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #1
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #2
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #3
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #4
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #5
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #1
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #2
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #3
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #4
  • Atomic Charge Wallet #5


What are the measurements for Atomic Charge Wallet

Dimensions closed: 8.25cm X 10.8cm X 2.25cm
Open: obtuse angle of about 120-degrees - 130-degrees 
Card slot: 8.9cm wide 

What type of battery does Atomic Charge Wallet have?

Atomic Charge Wallet has a rechargeable 3.7V 2500 mAh battery.

What is the power input and output?

Input: DC 5V/1A, Output: DC 5V/1A

What types of phones are compatible with Atomic Charge Wallet?

Atomic Charge Wallet is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

I see two ports on my Atomic Charge Wallet. what cord goes where?

The smaller port is the micro USB port for the included charging cord. This is how you charge your Atomic Charge Wallet. Simply match the shape of the cord to the port, then plug the larger USB cable into an appropriate socket fitted for a USB cable or computer. The larger square USB port receives your phone charging cord. Use this port to charge your phone.

What are the blinking lights for and what do they mean?

Next to the charging ports, you will see a button that activates four lights. When your Atomic Charge Wallet is charging, the lights will gradually light up. The number of lights indicate the battery level. One light indicates 25% charged, two lights indicate 50% charged, three lights indicate 75% charged, and four lights indicate 100% charged. When four lights are lit up, then your Atomic Charge Wallet is ready and you can remove it from charging. You can check your wallet's charge at any time by pressing the button next to the lights.

How many full charges can my phone get from Atomic Charge Wallet?

Atomic Charge Wallet gives you a full charge from the wallet, extending your phone life by 2x.

When I'm charging my phone, do I need to turn Atomic Charge Wallet on or off?

When you plug your phone into Atomic Charge Wallet, it automatically starts charging your phone. Unplugging your phone from the wallet turns it off. There is no ON/OFF switch.

What are RFIDs and how does Atomic Charge Wallet help me?

Atomic Charge Wallet protects you from electronic thieves with RFID blocking technology. It keeps your sensitive credit card information safe. Certain credit cards have RFID chips that transmit information via radio waves, rather than requiring contact, like EMV chips. Electronic thieves use RFID skimmers to pick up these radio waves and intercept your sensitive credit card information. Atomic Charge Wallet is insulated to protect your credit cards from RFID skimmers.

Is a phone charging cable included with my purchase?

The Atomic Charge Wallet only has a charging cable to charge the wallet. Any phone charging cable must be purchased separately from an authorised retailer for your phone model.

What can Atomic Charge Wallet hold?

Atomic Charge Wallet comfortably holds two average size credit cards per slot (16 total) and closes perfectly. Fold cash bills in half to fit into an accordion slot. Do not overstuff your wallet.

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