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ActiveOn Leg Mover To Help You Enhance Mobility, Stability & Strengthen Your Legs



SAVE $40* - NOW ONLY $49.95 + FREE DELIVERY (Original Price $79.95 + $9.95 P&H

  • Easy-to-use exercise equipment, designed to enhance mobility and strengthen your legs
  • Triple action – You can move your feet and legs in three directions: vertical, pendular, and circular
  • Low impact exercises for your feet, legs and knees to help strengthen muscles, stimulate healthy circulation, and improve stability.
  • Easy to use – just place your feet on the foot plates & secure the strap!
  • No complicated set-ups, wires, batteries required! 
  • Works with the momentum of your own legs so that your legs do the exercise, and not the machine
  • Portable & lightweight - weighs only 2.3kg.
  • Ideal for people who spend a lot of time sitting, standing or lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Turn reading, watching TV, work and talking on the phone into effective seated exercise.
  • Perfect for adults of any age 

*Advertised discounts & savings compared to the original price, inclusive of any savings on postage and handling fees.

Q: What does ActiveOn do?

ActiveOn is easy-to-use, exercise equipment that moves in 3 different directions, using the momentum of your own legs. These low impact exercises for your feet, knees and legs, help you enhance mobility, stability, strengthen muscles and naturally stimulate healthy circulation through seated exercise.

Q: What are the three movements I can do on Active On?

ActiveOn can be used in 3 different movements:

  • Vertical: up and down movement, helps stretch and strengthen the lower leg muscles, and the exercise helps stimulate healthy circulation
  • Pendular: side to side movement helps mobilise the knee and hip joints
  • Circular: helps strengthen the legs to help improve stability

Q: Who is ActiveOn best for?

ActiveOn is perfect for adults of any age and is ideal for people who spend a lot of time sitting, standing or lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Q: How do I use ActiveOn?

ActiveOn is easy to use. Simply place your feet on the foot plates and secure strap over your feet.

Never stand on the appliance. Always read the instruction manual before use.  

Q: Does ActiveOn require a power source?

No, ActiveOn does not use any power sources. It uses the momentum of your own legs to do the exercises.  

Q: How big is ActiveOn?

ActiveOn is 34cm L x 37cm W x 17cm D. 

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