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1 Second Slicer Pro The Amazing Food Prep Station That Slices, Dices, Quarters, Chops & Juliennes

  • Amazing food preparation station
  • Dices, quarters, chops, juliennes and more – all in one device 
  • Versatile cutting insert dices, sticks and quarters – choose from 10 x 10mm or 30 x 30mm 
  • V-Slicer insert with blade protector and food holder – slices or shreds in seconds 
  • Stainless steel blades – laser honed and razor sharp for precision slices* 
  • Large capacity collection container (800ml) – slice and serve right into the container 
  • Makes food preparation for meals fast and easy 
  • Perfect for - french fries, onions, deli meats, shredding cabbage, fruit salads and more 
  • Space saving design stores with ease 
  • Anti-slip studs – container sits firmly on your counter 


  • Cutting Lid 
  • Collection Container 
  • Cutting Insert 
  • V-Slicer Insert 
  • BONUS Julietti Spiral Slicer attachment – make veggie spaghetti, curled fries, fancy salads and more 

*Blades are sharp. Always read and follow instructions for use. 

Q: What is included in the 1 Second Slicer Pro?

Each 1 Second Slicer Pro includes:  

  • 1 x Cutting Lid 
  • 1 x Collection Container – 800ml capacity 
  • 1 x Cutting Insert - dices, sticks and quarters 
  • 1 x V-Slicer Insert with blade protector and food holder – slices and shreds 
  • 1 x BONUS Julietti Spiral Slicer Attachment - make veggie spaghetti, curled fries and more 

Q: What types of food can I use with the 1 Second Slicer Pro?

1 Second Slicer Pro makes meal prep a breeze and is perfect for: 

  • Vegetables - sliced cucumber, carrot, onion, shredded cabbage and more 
  • Fruit - sliced apple, bananas, grated lemon rind and more 
  • Variety of Cheeses – sliced, shredded, diced 
  • Potatoes – make French fries, wedges, potato bake, curled fries 
  • Deli Meats – slice or dice 

Q: What are the cutting blades made from?

The cutting blades are made from razor sharp, laser honed stainless steel. 

Q: How can the 1 Second Slicer Pro be cleaned?

To clean the 1 Second Slicer Pro, hand wash with a standard detergent under running water.  

The 1 Second Slicer Pro also has a self-clearing function in the clearing grid. To use this function, simply press the button on the top side of the cutting lid. The integrated transparent plate in the clearing grid is automatically pressed down and cleans the grid by removing even the smallest of residue.  

Always read and follow instruction manual before use.  

Q: How do I get the Container and Lid Set?

The container and lid set of 2 is available as an add-on at an additional cost with any 1 Second Slicer Pro purchase. Simply click SHOP NOW and select ‘ADD’ to add them to your order.

Q: How sharp are the 1 Second Slicer Pro blades?

They are laser honed and razor sharp! So always practise safe usage by reading the instruction manual and following the instructions for use. 

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