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These days we've all seen cheap copies of original products imported from China. We always want to buy at a cheaper price and don't stop to think about quality and safety until it's too late. We always end up disappointed, or worse.

Cutting corners in manufacturing produces a product that looks the same as the genuine item, but may not work as it's supposed to. If the product is made of inferior materials and breaks easily are you really getting value for money?

Still, a cheap copy of an expensive watch, DVD or handbag can't physically hurt you. But what about exercise equipment? What about electrical products? What about cleaning products? Could a cheap copy be dangerous?

At Global Shop Direct, we stand by the authenticity of every product we sell. We back that up with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee..

  1. Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven Deluxe
  2. Miracle Beauty Light
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